Goathland Station was used by Hornby as the basis for a range of models in its OO Skaledale range. Whilst many of these are now out of production, retailers may still have them in stock. Items also frequently appear on Ebay.

A more accurate model of the main building and extensions, along with the Goathland Hotel, Birch Hall Inn, Church, and Garage are being produced byTrafford Model Centre -*.

A list of the various Hornby models is shown below.

Hornby Ref. No. Model
R8629 Main Station Building
R8630 Toilet Block
R8631 Extension Building
R8632 Signal Cabin
R8633 Lime Cells
R8634 Coal Cells
R8635 Goods Warehouse
R8638 Platform Shelter
R8639 Tank House
R8640 Water Column
R8641 Footbridge
R8720 Waiting Room

The station group regrets that it cannot provide a service for modellers - as our small group of volunteers is fully committed (in terms of time) to looking after the station. However, a great deal of information can be found in a booklet titled "Goathland Station - a Brief History", which can be purchased from the NYMR website at . To see the location of the station in relation to the surrounding area, Google Earth shows a number of views of the buildings in the village and surrounding area.

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